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A sneak peek at the crypto events of 8-14 April, 2018

During this tricky time of market correction, the only thing you can do is to hold as we are all aware that crypto is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Demand will increase with prices going up and now it is vital to keep a check on the most important events of the crypto world. Last week I hand-picked a few of those events occurring round the globe like the launch of the Stellar Testnet, updation of the Cardano roadmap to name a few. You can read the whole article here.
This blog is dedicated to all the crypto-lovers including me and my sole motive is to make sure that you are aware of the developments of the crypto world in the upcoming week as well. Never miss out on any profit opportunity, register here and get five most important forthcoming crypto events of the next week to always remain informed.

1. UTRUST(UTK) Platform Testing: Platform Test API for Merchants

When: 10th April, 2018

Sources: a) https://icobazaar.com/v2/utrust/roadmap b)The Utrust official website, here’s the link: https://utrust.com/ (Scroll down to the Roadmap section)

2. Legolas Exchange(LGO) LendIT Fintech USA- Legolas Exchange CPO Hugo Renaudin will speak at the @LendIt Fintech USA about the Exchange

When: 9th-11th April, 2018

Source: Announcement was found on the Legolas Exchange Twitter handle

Following is the link to the above announcement: https://twitter.com/LegolasExchange/status/975885677085757445

3. NEO Council will be holding the NEO.Amsterdam Summit at the DeLaMar Theater in collaboration with Distributed.Foundation

When: 14th April, 2018

Source: https://neonewstoday.com/events/neo-amsterdam-summit/

4. Chris Trew, founder and CEO of stratisplatform.com will be a speaker at the Blockchain Conference in Delhi,India

When: 12th April, 2018

Source: Read about the event in-depth here in this article

5. Utrum.io launches their decentralized ICO on the Komodo platform.

When: 10th April, 2018

Source: Announcement in their Reddit handle and here is the link to the announcement

I will stop here for this week but promise to be your filter next week again and update you about all important crypto events from an ocean of events happening around the world. If you think I have missed writing about some very important event please mention it in the comment box and I will certainly include it. If you want to receive them directly to your inbox, please register with us.

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